ISB Digital Summit 2014 - Indian School of Business
Professor Praveen Kopalle - Tuck

Professor Praveen Kopalle

Professor of Marketing,
Tuck at Dartmouth
After teaching at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, for four years, Professor Praveen Kopalle traded the warm, southern weather for the charming Northeast and joined the Tuck School in 1996. His teaching and research interests include marketing management, marketing research, pricing strategy, and new product development.

In addition to his awards, research, and editorial accomplishments, Professor Praveen is also a research director (Internet marketing and pricing) at the Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies, and a faculty associate of William F. Achtmeyer Center for Global Leadership, both at the Tuck School. He is a marketing advisor for BeVocal, Inc., based in Santa Clara, CA and is an avid cricket enthusiast and a HAM radio operator.